Après Strand Bertrand Carrière

Authors: Bernard Lamarche, Franck Michel and Alexander Reford
Photographs: Paul Strand and Bertrand Carrière

Tracing the steps of iconic American photographer Paul Strand, who photographed Québec’s Gaspé region in 1929 and again in 1938, contemporary photographer Bertrand Carrière revisits both the artist and the land. This new series of photographs, some with the same views as Strand, testifies to the profound transformation of what was once a remote territory of fishing villages. Now the fishing industry is dead, the cod shacks are gone and the older fishermen have sold their licenses. Far from evoking classic views tinged with nostalgia, Carrière's photographs are documentary works about territory, people and landscapes. Bertrand Carrière, whose work has appeared in numerous publications, has exhibited across Canada and Europe. In English and French.

80 pages Colour
Release Date : October 2011
Musée régional de Rimouski
ISBN : 978-2-923525-31-0

$ 25.00
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