London Pride - Saxifraga x urbium - Elliots Variety


DESCRIPTION: Native to Europe. Belongs to the Saxifragaceae family. Cushion-forming, evergreen perennial with thick, spoon-shaped leaves.  Panicles of star-shaped, red-spotted, white flowers.

Height: 30 cm (12 in.)

Flowering: May-June


Zone: 5

Exposition: semi-shaded to shaded location

Soil: Well-drained soil which contains a little bit of limestone and a lot of gravel. Keep moist.

Germination temperature: 20ºC (68ºF)

Required time: 30 to 365 days

Special care: Sow seeds indoors between February 1rst and March 15th.  Cover with a thin layer of medium.  Substrate must be kept constantly moist but not wet.  Place trays at temperatures mentioned above.  If germination has not occurred within 4 weeks, place the tray in a cold place (-4-4ºC / 25-40ºF) for 6 weeks and gradually bring back to stated germination temperature. Once germination has occurred, place tray at 12ºC (54ºF).  Can be sown outside in autumn. Protect from the midday sun.


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