Icelandic Poppy - Papaver nudicaule - Wonderland

DESCRIPTION: Native to subarctic regions.  Belongs to the Papaveraceae family.  Tuft-forming biennial with blue-green, hairy foliage.  Ovate, deeply toothed leaves.  Solitary, saucer-shaped flowers in the shades of yellow, white, pink and orange. 

Height: 25 cm (10 in.)

Flowering: June-July


Zone: 3

Exposition: sunny location

Soil: Fertile and well-drained soil

Germination temperature: 20ºC (68ºF)

Required time: 5-15 days

Special care: Germinate rapidly.  Sow seeds in spring in peat moss containers (resent transplantation) at stated temperature.  Do not cover seeds.  Once the seedling has germinated, keep them in cooler conditions (15ºC / 59ºF).  Keep moist but do not soak.  In order to get robust plant, thin sowing is essential. 

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