Lupin - Lupinus - Gallery Rose

DESCRIPTION: Native to the Mediterranean, North Africa and America (North, Central and South).  Belongs to the Fabaceaefamily. Perennial with palmate leaves made of 9 to 17 leaflets.  Numerous, pea-like, pink flowers borne in dense spike. 

Height: 50 cm (20 in.)

Flowering: June-July


Zone: 3-4

Exposition: sunny location

Soil: sandy, acidic, sharply drained soil

Germination temperature: 12ºC (54ºF)

Required time: 20 to 25 days

Special care: Sow indoors between February 15th and March 1st.  Freeze seeds for 48 hours and then soak them in a damp newspaper for 24 hours.  Sow directly in peat moss containers (does not appreciate to be transplanted).  Sow outdoors in July.

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