Great Bellflower - Campanula latifolia - Alba

DESCRIPTION: Native of Europe. Belongs to the Campanulaceae family.  Perennial with ovate-oblong, toothed leaves. White tubular flowers. 

Height: 100 cm (39 in.)

Flowering: July


Zone : 3

Exposition: semi-shaded to sunny location

Soil: humus-rich and well-drained soil, which stays cool.

Germination temperature: 18-22ºC (64-72ºF) for a period of 4 weeks then expose to cool temperature (-4 to 4ºC / 25 to 39ºF) for 4 to 6 weeks.  Finally, bring back to temperature comprises between 5 and 12ºC (41 and 54ºF).

Required time: 6 to 16 days

Special care: Sow indoor between February 1st and 15th.  Cover seeds with a thin layer of soil.  Sow outdoors in May or October. 

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