Blue Heaven
Author: Bill Terry

With wit and erudition, Bill Terry examines the world of the fabled Himalayan Blue Poppy and its relatives. Ranging from the slopes of the high Himalayas through the gardens of contemporary poppy lovers, Terry-himself an accomplished Meconopsis grower-also provides clear guidelines for the successful cultivation and propagation of these notoriously temperamental beauties. But buyer beware! Meconopsis obsession may ensue.'-Des Kennedy, author of An Ecology of EnchantmentIn Blue Heaven, Bill Terry-a leading North American authority on Asiatic Poppies-tells the story of the enchanting Himalayan Blue Poppy. First discovered in Tibet in 1924, the poppy was soon introduced to cultivation and proved challenging and stubborn, some gardeners even believed the plant to be impossible to grow. Terry debunks this myth, relating his own encounters with the blue poppy and showing how, given a suitable climate, a patient and persistent gardener can raise this most alluring of perennial plants. Gorgeous photographs accompany the text throughout, leading to a visually stunning collection of images and stories, illuminating this rare and precious flower.

Bill Terry specializes in plant propagation and has taught and lectures on the blue poppy and its relatives. His collection of Asiatic poppies (Meconopsis) is the most diverse in North America. Now retired, Bill has a broadcast career that spanned 35 years and encompassed 13 jobs in radio and television production and management.

184 pages, Colour
Release Date: 2009
TouchWood Editions
ISBN : 9-781894-898829

$ 24.95
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