Des jardins oubliés

 Author : Alexander Reford

In this book Alexander Reford presents photographs culled from private collections and public archives that illustrate the passion of Quebec’s gardeners over the past 150 years. It helps to dispel the myth that Quebeckers first became enthused about gardens after the international Floralies held in Montréal in 1980. In fact, Quebec has had gardens and gardeners since the earliest years of New France. In the 19th century, Quebec was home to some of the most beautiful and vast gardens in Canada, many of which are shown here in beautiful black and white images.

Des jardins oubliés 1860-1960
presents more than 100 gardens by as many photographers. Some of the gardens are illustrated here for the first time. Most of them survive only in photographs because these horticultural treasures are the most fragile elements of the built environment and have disappeared, the victim of development, neglect or urbanization.

You will make some remarkable discoveries and discover the gardens of yesteryear.

The book has texts in French and English (at the back of the book).

Des jardins oubliés 1860-1960

Alexander Reford
Les Publications du Québec, 1999
208 pages
Soft Cover
ISBN : 2-551-18097-X

$ 29.95
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