The Reford Gardens
Elsie's Paradise

Author : Alexander Reford
Photographs : Louise Tanguay

Located on the banks of the Metis River and facing the St. Lawrence, the magnificent Reford Gardens attract thousands of visitors annually from around the world. These gardens are the creation of the vision and passion of a remarkable woman who, for more than 30 years, enthusiastically strove to develop and expand her small paradise in Grand-Metis. Elsie Reford possessed a variety of talents: a gardener of genius, musician and philanthropist. Inspired by her diaries, letters and other writings, her great-grandson Alexander Reford has sketched a portrait of a visionary woman who bequeathed an outstanding heritage that continues to inspire and astonish in our own day. The book includes the unpublished photos of Elsie’s husband, Robert Wilson Reford, who immortalized the beauty of her gardens year after year. Louise Tanguay’s superb photographs complete the portrait of this floral tribute.

175 pages Colour
Release Date : 2004
Les Éditions de l'Homme
ISBN : 2-7619-1921-1

$ 32.95
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