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The waters of the St. Lawrence River descend from Montréal and are met at Les Jardins de Métis by the fast-flowing Mitis River. This maritime environment inspired the creation of these giant sea urchins for the 10th anniversary of the Festival in 2009. They were presented in Old Montréal as part of the Métis-sur-Montreal program of extra-mural gardens.

In 2010, the sea urchins have found their way to Métis where they are now anchored on the Festival site. Giant creatures with strange and exuberant forms, once planted they become intriguing sculptural objects. Out of their aquatic context, their explosive silhouette inhabits the space like campers bivouacking in the wild. With their deliberately modest footprint, they create a space that is at once geometric, permeable and joyful. Lost on the edge of an evergreen forest, they form an interactive and mysterious secret garden...

Architect: NIPpaysage

Years of exhibition: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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