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Le jardin de bātons bleus


Blue Stick Garden was created for the inaugural Edition of the International Garden Festival in 2000. Its inspiration stems from two unique features of Elsie Reford’s gardens: the Himalayan blue poppy that she introduced with the help of the garden’s microclimate and the mixed border of the Long Walk that she created in the spirit of her contemporary, English garden designer Gertrude Jekyll.

The Blue Stick Garden was conceived with an image of the iconic blue poppy that was scanned, pixelated, and translated into a collection of long, thin sticks. These were then "planted" to form an abstraction of the traditional mixed border. Painted blue on three sides and orange on the fourth, the sticks create a chromatic effect that is as surprising as it is simple: a visitor wandering through the labyrinthine installation experiences an ever-shifting set of views and vistas. The sensually engaging experience reinterprets the spirit of colour and movement embodied by the Gertrude Jeykll’s designers and the original gardens of Elsie Reford, injecting it with contemporary visual appeal.

Architect: Claude Cormier, architecture de paysage + Design urbain

Years of exhibition: 2000, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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