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Traces – Pistes disparues inspired by the mazes found in gardens of yore, its path traces the numerous waterways that once ran through the Island of Montréal, with Mont-Royal at its hear. Vazan describes his new work: A maze carved into the grass to wander and wonder what the pre-colonial territory looked like when the Amerindians crossed the island of Montreal by river on a web of waterways. The paths on this network have since disappeared: today they are either underground or they have dried up. Atomized. Swept away by colonial and modern infrastructure, they have been lost and forgotten. At the heart of this work is an aerial view of Mont-Royal, from which streams descend, evoking the former river arteries of the landscape. We are challenged to recall the experience of an insular, ancestral journey by seeking the route which leads to the core of the original, indigenous community. You are invited on this journey through space and time.

Traces - Pistes disparues is presented free of charge, from July 3 to October 9, 2017, on Place De La Dauversière, located between the Château Ramezay and the Place Jacques-Cartier, opposite to the Montreal City Hall.

Architect: William Vazan

Years of exhibition: 2017

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