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Soundcloud is an illusion of mist and clouds, an installation that allows us to enter into dialogue with nature and to dive into the spectacle of the forest and its stories.

A field of wild flowers and artificial "bell flowers" suddenly surround the visitor with hundreds of white bells, planted in the ground and hung on the branches of the trees. By touching the metallic "bell flowers", it creates a sound and starts a game with nature.

Each bell sounds different, just as flowers differ in smell and colour from one another. In the middle of this field of flowers, mist and sound clouds, a large pouf beckons the visitor to lie down, to close our eyes and listen to nature that offers a kind of play without beginning or end. The different sounds, perfumes and colours lose the notion of space and time to the visitor, who is carried away to a distant world in communion with nature.

Architect: Johanna Ballhaus, Helen Wyss

Years of exhibition: 2017

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