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Paysage euphonique

Euphony, in the field of music, refers to a pleasant and harmonious combination of sounds. In this garden, designers put tension on the relationship of visitors to the landscape: the colours bring about a physiological change in them while the conical shapes amplify the sounds. These playgrounds reveal the elements of the site and invite the visitors to play there.

Earth: in direct contact with the ground, we burrow and sense the small creeping beasts and the smell of humus.

Wind: two interlaced mobile loud-speakers broadcast the sounds from one place to another.

Sky: everything is calm. Our head enters an immense open cone isolated from the rest of the elements.

Each of these devices invites the whole spectrum of communication, from contemplative listening to the expression of our wild soul.

Architect: MANI Claudia Campeau, Maud Benech

Years of exhibition: 2017

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