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L'Escale is a mobile, fragmented garden, in search of exploration. It is a garden of companionship, a garden of what is essential: productive, medicinal and ornamental. A small plot of land on wheels that we choose, adopt and bring along with us. A precious object. A kind of ship that changes hands with the comings and goings of every visitor.

Every morning L'Escale is filled with cargo ready to meet the big wide world. It is a garden in pieces, curious, dreaming of what is Elsewhere, the strange, the giant, the unknown. The visitor is the accomplice in this crazy game. You become a partner and can explore throughout the duration of your visit of the Festival. The two travelers take care of each other, as in a dialogue that is both necessary and intimate. On each freighter is written the fragment of a letter, the secret dialogue of a dream meeting between two distant gardens.

This garden is a succession of waves, like stories that are exchanged and shared. Closer to home, it becomes like a paperback, a postcard to protect or an invaluable treasure always in motion.

Architect: Collectif Escargo Pierre-Yves Diehl, Karyna St-Pierre, Julie Parenteau

Years of exhibition: 2017

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