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La Chrysalide

La Chrysalide is at once a creative child and a nostalgic adult. It is a pause in time, between childhood and adulthood. To climb a tree, to make its mark and to escape there for a moment, that is what we wish for!

"Climb in the tree, make my mark and escape for a while. That's what I want; Let my mind float through the canopy, to the rhythm of my reveries. To develop a particular connection with this unique being, to be confronted with its bark, to see and feel its texture, the marks of time past and the traces of time future. I wish for company during my journey, whether as a witness and an accomplice. I climb.

My sight is filtered by my clumsy weaving, but calculated to subtly unite with what is alive. I see the exterior that will no longer be the same in my eyes, it is blurred and disappears little by little. The tree elevates me and makes me dream, it builds my imagination. We are now one. Our worlds diverge in time and scale and rub shoulders for a brief moment. This is the perfect opportunity to escape. It is my privileged playground. I am master of its forms and interpretations."

                                                                                                                                                                               La Chrysalide

Architect: Gabriel Lacombe, Virginie Roy-Mazoyer

Years of exhibition: 2017

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