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The Woodstock

The Woodstock invites the visitor to take a look at an unexpected landscape. In the undergrowth, in the shade of the trees emerges a strange playground.

The dense and vertical assembly of wooden logs of varying heights offers a new topography and defines a space accessible to all that are blessed with a little imagination. The walker appropriates this island by pacing the patterned surface, in a playful or more contemplative way. The perception of the landscape is put into question. Children become giants at the tops of the structure, contemplating the world that is under their feet.

This installation is inspired by the stacks of wood gathered by loggers that are here staged to offer a recreational stop: an echo of the cycle of the forest and the human footprint on its environment. It voluntarily inscribes itself in a natural place to which it leaves a place of choice. The trees extend the structure in places and the ferns eventually find a home between the logs.



Architect: Atelier Yok-Yok Steven Fuhrman, Samson Lacoste, Luc Pinsard, Laure Qar�my, Pauline Lazareff

Years of exhibition: 2017

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