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La Maison de Jacques

La Maison de Jacques (or Jack’s House from the children’s fable Jack and the Beanstalk) is different from the one we know. You might think you have just stepped out of a children’s story. The house is a green grove that is enveloped in bloom. You enter by walking on stepping stones that traverse a ground-cover made of crushed brick. Once inside, you wander between the rows of beans of tightly winding their way up a light wooden structure. The walls divide the space into a series of small hidden gardens, singular in their proportions. These cocoons are ideal hiding places for a game of hide-and-seek. One remains a secret, inaccessible...

La Maison de Jacques is magical. It will be built over several weeks, starting with the seedlings in May that will grow to be more than three metres in height in a short time. Their clumps of red flowers will be in bloom by the end of July, before becoming edible peapods, to the delight of everyone. Flowers of the nasturtiums and Thunbergia alata will bloom between the fragrances of orange tints and delicate yellow of the Scarlet beans.




Architect: Romy Brosseau, Rosemarie Faille-Faubert, Émilie Gagné-Loranger

Years of exhibition: 2016, 2017

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