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The garden is an artifice and leaves many traces. The Earth is a garden. Farming, industry, the internet all leave their mark. Since the dawn of time, nature is altered. The gardener is the one with the restorative power. A gesture of kindness.

This installation evokes the cycle of production as a parallel to the carbon cycle. The garden landscaped or the landscape gardened. Regenerating the forest and sowing where we have harvested brings nature back to life. Transmit the love of landscape to those who will outlive us.

A noble and familiar material, wood is our crib, our bed, our coffin. Cut a tree, remove it from the forest, in itself a vast garden, is the fruit of our labour. It is the result of the work of those who came before us, who planted a seed and provide us today with the wood that gives us rest. A young tree grows where the tree might have grown tall had the tree not fallen.

Architect: Coache Lacaille Paysagistes Maxime Coache, ingénieur paysagiste, Victor Lacaille, concepteur paysagiste, Luc Dallanora, ingénieur paysagiste

Years of exhibition: 2016, 2017

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