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Jardin M

Jardins M captures the essence of outstanding natural universe and incorporates a familiar, appropriable environment: the built habitat. The result is a varied and contrasting experiences sequence, lived in intimacy, such as can do in their own way the vast expanses of wheat and dense and compact forests.

The five architectural forms of Jardins M take place in space: they evoke a community. Each is a unique shelter for a beautiful garden; five spaces are places for contemplation, relaxation and discovery. Walk on the beach in the rock house. Slip between the trunks and touch the bark of trees in the forest house. Come back and throughout the summer, contemplating the evolution of wheat seedlings of the field house. Sit for a while in the rest house. Amaze you to the wealth of flowers of the shelter house, which protects this beautiful and fragile nature.

Gérald Laforest
Pete & Vegas

Architect: Atelier Pierre Thibault

Years of exhibition: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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