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I like to move it

In this garden, the visitor will face a seemingly wild meadow. Grasses and a few birch trees grow together against the backdrop of dense greenery. There seems to be little going on here. But the straight lines at ground level, punctuating the space, create a rhythm and attract the visitor’s attention. On approaching one turns around, scans, wonders and finally touches. That is when the trees begin to move. Visitors can slide the trees along their tracks and create their own garden. The banal becomes strange. Nature domesticated transforms the landscape into a garden. Trees, immobile and mute, are rootless and move as living beings. All due to human interaction. 

Architect: DIX NEUF CENT QUATRE VINGT SIX Architecture Mathilde Gaudemet & Arthur Ozenne

Years of exhibition: 2015, 2016, 2017

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