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Jardins M - Métis-sur-Montréal

The Château Ramezay – Museum and historic site of Montréal and the Reford Gardens present Jardins M, the 5th incarnation of Métis-sur-Montréal. In the heart of Old Montreal, this installation by the Atelier Pierre Thibault blends nature with the city, and fuses the boundaries between interior and exterior, providing an intriguing respite in the shadow of the Château Ramezay.

The five architectural forms of the Jardins M (Métis, Mobile, Montréal), situated in the open space of Place de la Dauversière, evoke the city. Each is a unique shelter for a unique garden; five spaces that invite contemplation, relaxation, and discovery. Leave the city behind to walk on a pebble beach in the stone house. Glide between the tree trunks of the forest house. Come and go all summer long, contemplating evolution and growth in the field house. Sit for a moment in the rest house. Delight in magnificent flowers, fragile and resplendent, in the shelter house.

Inspired by the interaction between humans and nature, Pierre Thibault’s studio has created many projects, including the Abbaye Val Notre-Dame in Saint-Jean-de-Matha and several residences in natural settings. His work has received numerous awards in Quebec and elsewhere.

Jardins M is presented from July 3 to October 14 in the Place de La Dauversière (free admission) situated between the Château Ramezay and Place Jacques-Cartier, opposite Montréal City Hall.




Architect: Atelier Pierre Thibault

Years of exhibition: 2013

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