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Bon arbre au bon endroit « Souvenir d'enfance »

Easy to carry and requiring little space to play, elastics has been a popular game for ages in countries all over the world. It brings back fond memories and is easily transmitted from one generation to the next.

Here a sculptural canopy of wires is skillfully woven around the branches of trees. A play area invites you to discover a new version of the game. Multiple elastics installed on Hydro poles allows a gradation of difficulty. When you succeed, you can take it up a notch: first the ankles, then knees, thighs, hips... and finally armpits. The elastics create a garden in movement that changes with each interaction. Come and join the game!

This garden presents the Hydro-Quebec program "The right tree in the right place". To find out which tree or shrub is best planted near power lines, use the search tool at www.hydroquebec.com/trees.

Architect: NIPpaysage

Years of exhibition: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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