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Dead Garden II

Trees die whereas new trees are born. Growth and becoming are tools of the landscape architect, but rarely is the cycle of life and death is explored in garden design. Departing from an inexorable phenomenon – every life is a foretold failure –, Dead Garden II proposes a garden made of branches and employs dead organic matter as something that can trigger another life.

Besides employing lifeless elements, the garden also plays with the corridor, a useless and always avoided space in architectural plans: it is a series of parallel corridors activated by means of an inanimate natural element, and where the Festival visitors are encouraged to circulate and stay. The species of the branches were decided in collaboration with the staff of Les Jardins de Métis, pine and black spruce being just two examples of species common in Québec and found in the gardens and environs.

Architect: Carlos M. Teixeira

Years of exhibition: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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