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Courtesy of Nature

Courtesy of Nature is a contextual installation that invites the visitor to reflect upon our relation to nature. Is nature something to cherish? To protect? To tame? To exploit? What if instead of designing the content we solely concentrated on designing the container? Instead of creating a new object to be placed on existing exhibition grounds, an exhibition space is designed around existing elements. Could, by doing so, a new light be projected on what belongs to the local environment, making the seemingly banal appear extraordinary? The museum is, after all, a place conceived for seeing.

The local context is not altered, but part of it is temporarily isolated in order to create an indoor vegetal isle evoking an art work. On entering this volume you would logically expect to find yourself indoors. All the more surprising then when that indoors turns out to illustrate a portion of the outdoors. This tranquil space alludes to a museum room where landscape has become interior, its dimension tamed by architectural means.

Architect: Johan Selbing, Anouk Vogel

Years of exhibition: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

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