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Surface Deep

Revisiting the garden wall, an element that has been a consistent expressive element within the history of gardening, the wall is transformed to form a ribbon surface that constructs new associations, expressions and functions for the entry sequence. Its undulating form is a response and gesture for a new entry sequence which also embeds an experimental moss surface that flips between wall, floor, cover, creating multiple orientations and microclimates for the living material.

Surface Deep constructs a new way to meander, as well as gather at the entry of the gardens, while secretly enveloping a multiply oriented garden, enveloped within its surface depth.

AKT Engineering (Hanif Kara, John Risley)
Bryophyta Technologies (Suzanne Campeau)

Students: Graduate School of Design, Harvard University:Lisl Kotheimer, Somkiet Chokvijtkul, Day Jimenez, Mariela Alvarez, Benjamin Winters, Daekwon Park, Yuan Zhan, Fred Chung, Troy Vaughn, Victor Perezamado, Benjamin Tew

Architect: Asensio Mah & Harvard Graduate School of Design

Years of exhibition: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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