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Balmori Associates Diana Balmori, Noémie Lafaurie-Debany, Sarah Falbe-Hansen, Isabelle Desfoux, Patricio Fernandez

New York, United States

Diana Balmori, founder of Balmori Associates, is an internationally renowned landscape and urban designer. Through research, collaboration and innovation, she has developed projects that range from master plans to green roofs. Some of her works include the famous The garden that climbs the stairs, in Bilbao, Spain as well as the extraordinary effort to bring to life Robert Smithson’s concept for a floating island around New York City. She is also a professor at Yale University and the author of A Landscape Manifesto, published in 2010 and Drawing and Reinventing Landscape, published in 2014.


Garden produced by this designer: Making Circles in the Water
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