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Francisco A. Garcia Pérez, Alessandra Vignotto

Francisco A. Garcia Pérez and Alessandra Vignotto, architects
Granada (Spain)

Francisco A. Garcia Pérez, architect, and professor at the University of Granada in Spain, is a researcher whose work focusses on the symbolic dimension of water and the underground within the construction of cities and landscapes. His work has been published in books and specialized reviews and presented at international congresses.

Alessandra Vignotto is an architect and graduate of the University IUAV in Venice and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has a Master’s degree in Patrimonial Heritage from the University of Cartagena, Spain. She is particularly interested in the semiotic dimension of human landscapes.

In 2015, they founded GRAVE, a collective of architects, researchers and artists based in Granada and Venice that integrates architectural practice and academic research and works on projects in cities and territories from a historical, cultural and natural point of view.

Garden produced by this designer: HAIKU
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