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Romy Brosseau, Rosemarie Faille-Faubert, Émilie Gagné-Loranger

Quebec City, Canada

Graduates in the master’s program in architecture at the Université Laval in Quebec City, the designers are working together for the first time on this project to bring their personal interests to life.

Romy Brosseau is interested in the relation between the natural and the artificial environment and the interaction between the two. With her various projects, she tries to remove the barriers between architecture and landscape and think of the limit as a space. Rosemarie Faille-Faubert is passionate about the discovery of landscape. She explores the different scales, the tactile, the visual, sounds and smells. With her projects she strives to redefine the relationship between humans and their environment through architecture. Émilie Gagné-Loranger seeks to reveal some new poetry from her research on interior spaces. Her projects explore the limits, feelings and aspects of intimate spaces.

Julien Beauchamp-Roy, Luca Fortin, Victor Gounel, Jean-François Julien, Natali Rodriguez Servat, Bertrand Rougier, Julien Villemure, Élizabeth Leblanc, Émilie Bielen

Garden produced by this designer: La Maison de Jacques
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