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Coache Lacaille Paysagistes Maxime Coache, ingénieur paysagiste, Victor Lacaille, concepteur paysagiste, Luc Dallanora, ingénieur paysagiste

Nantes, France

Coache Lacaille Paysagistes was created in 2013 by Maxime Coache and Victor Lacaille. Luc Dallanora joined this duo in 2015. They are all graduates of the École nationale supérieure de la nature et du paysage de Blois in France.

The primary interest of this trio of landscape architects is the landscape. If their knowledge requires creativity, they are also artists. Their role is somewhere between the gardener, the designer, the architect and the urban planner. Each new project is inspired by the context and by those for whom the project is intended to be used; it is also the pretext for new experiments.


Collaborator: Virgile Piercy

Garden produced by this designer: Carbone
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