Linear Garden

The visit of the Gardens begins with the long bending pathways that lead visitors from the parking lot to the entrance pavilion. Carefully integrated into the surrounding forest, the building is located on the road that once separated the Gardens from the adjacent village of Grand-Métis. Today, it leads you to a belvedere that overlooks the Mitis River or into the gardens. The Entrance Pavilion, designed by architects Stéphane Pratte and Annie Lebel of Atelier In Situ, has a garden shop, a gift shop and Le Bufton Restaurant. The building and landscaping won several awards for the architects, landscape architects and graphic designers, including the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture.

Along the metal fence flourishes a Linear Garden, a creation of Micheline Clouard and Julie Saint-Arnault of Vlan Paysages. This garden, that extends over more than 500 metres features edible and aromatic plants for the kitchens and to nourish our honey bees.