Le Bufton

In the Visitor Centre at the entrance to the gardens, Le Bufton restaurant offers healthy and tasty meals. Our cooks are getting inspired by whatever is in season, local products and the edible flowers in bloom. Local craft beers, wine, latté or espresso, homemade lemonade and ice cream bars offer you a moment of relaxation after your visit of the gardens.

Le Bufton is open everyday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, from June 1 to October 6, 2019.


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Frozen bar

Fruit $ 3
Ice cream $ 4


Big Chocolate Chunk Cookie $3
Sweet Butter Bread $4
Muffin $2
Scone and Jam Spread $4
Macaroons $2,25
Homemade Fougasse with Red Fife Wheat $3

Soup of the Day $4

Salad of the Day $6

Veggies $ 5 / $ 9

Fresh veggies from our garden and local vegetable farmers, served with homemade dip

Vegetarian Herb Roll $7

Leaf, lettuce and herbs garnished with a salad of oats, ratatouille and sour cream

Homemade Tortillas with Braised Lamb $9

Homemade Smoked Sausage, Brioche bread $7

Homemade relish, mayonnaise with mustard, leek sauerkraut

Lobster Roll on Brioche Bread $14

Charcuteries and Cured Meat Platter $10

St. Lawrence Platter $10

Desserts $ 5

Sablé with wheat bran, creamy geranium, meringue
Seasonal fruit mousse on sponge cake, whipped cream with sweetclover Inspiration of the day

Homemade Lemonade $2
Soft Drinks and Juice $2


Gin St-Laurent, mountain pine syrup, sparkling water $8
Apple Brandy Michel Jodoin, sour apple syrup, rosemary $8

Beer Glass / Pint

Pit Caribou, Blonde de l’Anse, Golden Ale, draft $5 / $8
La Fabrique, La Rivière Blanche, blanche, draft $5 / $8
À l’abri de la tempête, Terre ferme, IPA épicé draft $5 / $8
Naufrageur, La Comborne, rousse, draft $5 / $8
Auval in bottles - when available

Wines Glass / Bottle

Sparkling Cider, Entre Pierre & Terre, Québec $7 / $35
Rosé, Cinsault, Domaine de la patience, Provence, France $8 / $38
White, Vidal, Domaine des Salamandres, Québec $8 / $38
White, Chardonnay, Domaine de la patience, Provence, France $9 / $42
Red, Syrah, Domaine de la patience, Provence, France $8 / $38
Red, Pinot noir, Vielle vigne Nicolas Potel $9 / $42

The menu and prices may vary.

Garden Café

Midway during your visit, enjoy a selection of pastries or cakes made daily in the kitchen next door.  Craft beers, wine or coffee are also depending on your heart’s desire. Sample our homemade ice cream bars and take-away culinary delights. Tables under charming gazebos where you can sit and eat outdoors are awaiting.

The Garden Café is open from June 14th to September 3rd from 10 am to 4 pm.